Chef Gyuto S-grind 216 Damascus


The Gyuto is a versatile kitchen knife suitable for many tasks such as slicing and dicing meat, vegetables and fish. The blade is slightly curved, allowing for an efficient “cradle” motion for chopping herbs or vegetables.

The knife has a special “hollow” cut, which gives it less resistance when slicing and thus greater cutting power. The main advantage is that the sliced food sticks to the blade much less than with conventional wedge-cut knives.

The blade has a core made of Swedish Elmax stainless steel produced by powder metallurgy with a high hardness of 62 HRC. With this high hardness, the blade has an excellent and durable edge, but the knife must not be used to cut into bones or frozen food, as this risks damaging the blade. The core is laminated with non-hardening stainless steel.

The knife does not require any special care, just wash with water and wipe dry after use. Sharpening the knife is best on water stones, please feel free to contact me if needed.

Knife details

Knife type: Gyuto

Steel: Elmax

Hardness: 62 HRC

Total length: 352 mm

Blade Length: 216 mm

Blade thickness at the handle: 3,5 mm

Grinding: S-grind / hollow grind

Handle: grenadil, nickel, snakewood

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Additional information

Weight 05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 50 cm


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