Hi, my name is Milan Tůma and I come from the Czech Republic, from the heart of Vysočina, from the city of Velké Meziříčí.

You are probably wondering where and how I got into the knife trade and where I learned it. It’s probably a cliché but it happened by accident. While cleaning out the workshop in our family home, I found an old kitchen knife that belonged to my wife’s grandfather. The knife was cut and had no hilt, so I decided that repairing the knife would be my first project in the workshop that has been reviving after years.

At the time, I was working as an electrician and, like a classic handyman, I threw myself into knife repair without any experience. It didn’t go well. Although the knife looked good when finished, I sharpened and polished the blade, made new handles, glued everything, oiled it, sharpened it and ran to show it off to my wife. I took the compliment and proudly put the knife away in the kitchen. the knife began to corrode within a few days, the blade was mottled and rusty in places, and the hilts began to peel off dangerously. That was the impetus to figure out how to do it again and better.

This was followed by six months of intensive theoretical study of knife production. Lots of long evenings watching videos from cutters from all over the world, reading articles, looking for material sources and most of all hours and hours of consulting with my dad Milan Tůma senior, who thanks to his lifelong experience with metalworking, started helping me with the equipment and built the first grinder. I decided to make Japanese-style kitchen knives. With the right equipment, the job went surprisingly well, albeit slowly. As a patient person, I continued to move forward with ant-like steps.

After a few months, I discovered that I really enjoy and fulfill this hobby. It didn’t take long, and despite the commitments in our growing family, I decided to leave a certain job and make a full living in cutlery. It was hard at first, but I also got better with each knife, which is still happening today.

Thanks to the tremendous support of my family and you, my customers, I can continue to do this wonderful craft and supply you with the best and highest quality knives, which I firmly stand behind.