Chef’s knife Gyuto 215


Chef’s knife gyuto, the universal kitchen knife for everyday use.

The blade is made of corrosion-resistant Japanese laminated steel VG-10 suminagashi which has 67 layers. The core has a hardness of 61 HRC. With this high hardness, the blade has an excellent and durable edge, but the knife must not be used to cut into bones or frozen food, as this can damage the blade. Thanks to the special hollow grind (S-grind), the sliced food sticks to the blade much less than with conventional knives and the blade has much less resistance when slicing.

The knife does not require any special care, just wash with water and wipe dry after use. Knife sharpening is best on water stones, feel free to contact me if needed.

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Hmotnost 0.5 kg
Rozměry 100 × 100 × 500 cm


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